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There are hundreds of companies that offer SEO services today within the UK. So why should you choose The Web Clinic from all of them? Besides the quality service and high performance from experts who are skilled and experienced in digital marketing, the jobs that we do for you are transparent and measurable, so that you stay without worries regarding the cost you pay and the returns you get. The SEO reports that we send you give you all the information about the work we do at present as well as the work we have planned for you in future.

We, at The Web Clinic, have a systematic and thorough way to doing our job, and we ensure that you are kept in the loop about all the work we do for your website. On a periodical basis, we let you know about each and every step we take to enhance your online presence. The initial and periodical reports that we send you come after a detailed analysis and efforts to collect and study the performance of your website in the different search engines. We also give you an idea of the work that we have planned for you during the time that our partnership is in effect.

Here are a few of the SEO reports that we provide during the time of our contract:

Diagnostic report

This report summarises the results of our initial study of your website and its current performance in relation to your competitors. This report also indicates the different actions that we are planning to take to bring your website to better positions in search engines.

Monthly maintenance report

As the name indicates, this report would contain all the work that we do during each month of the 12 months we hold the partnership with you. It would also include the works that we have planned for you for the coming month. This would help you in requesting for any modifications in the work according to the performance of the website.

Google Analytics report

As a part of the monthly report, we also send our analysis of the performance of your website for the suggested keywords in search engines every month. This includes the details on traffic you receive from various sources, page views, bounce rate, average time on the website, etc.

Position and performance report

This report gives you an idea about where your website stands in the search engines for each keyword that you are focussing on. It also tells you about the change in the position of your website compared to a previous time of analysis.

All these information that we provide lets you decide whether you need to add or reduce any work from our side. In other words, the SEO reports that we send you let you analyse our work and let us customise our services to meet your particular needs.

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