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Below are a sample the google and yahoo search engine positioning results from some of The Web Clinic's satisfied customers:
Web Site Keyword Search Engine Position
  Coffee Machines UK Google.co.uk 2
  Espresso Machines Google.co.uk 6
  Commercial Coffee Machines Google.co.uk 3
  Coffee Shop Supplies Google.co.uk 2
  Commercial Espresso Machines Google.co.uk 2
  Fire Extinguishers Google.co.uk 3
  fire extinguisher Training Google.co.uk 8
  Water Fire Extinguishers Google.co.uk 6
  Powder Fire Extinguisher Google.co.uk 6
  Foam Fire Extinguisher Google.co.uk 6
  Fashion Dancewear Google.co.uk 6
  Mens wrap tops Google.co.uk 5
  Reversible leg warmers Google.co.uk 3
  Unisex dancewear Google.co.uk     1
  Unisex harem pants Google.co.uk 2
  Carpet Cleaning Norfolk Google.co.uk 10
  Carpet Cleaning UK Google.co.uk          3
  Carpet Cleaning Services UK Google.co.uk           10
  Ice weddings Google.co.uk 1
  Wedding in ice hotels Google.co.uk 2
  Igloo weddings Google.co.uk 1
  Ice chapel weddings Google.co.uk 1
  Snow weddings Google.co.uk 1
  Brecon canal boat hire Google.co.uk 2
  Canal boat hire uk Google.co.uk 7
  Canal boat hire wales Google.co.uk 4
  Canal boating holidays Google.co.uk 7
  Luxury canal boats Google.co.uk 1
  Brecon Beacon Cottages Google.co.uk 3
  Canal side Holiday Cottages Google.co.uk 7
  Canalside Holidays Google.co.uk 7
  Canalside Holidays uk Google.co.uk 7
  Self-catering cottage Brecon Beacons Google.co.uk 9
  Health products online Google.co.uk 1
  Natural health supplement Google.co.uk 1
  Herbal remedies online Google.co.uk 1
  Vitamins and minerals online Google.co.uk 2
  Buy health foods Google.co.uk 3
  Budget wheelchair Google.co.uk 1
  Electric wheelchair Google.co.uk 1
  Lightweight wheelchair Google.co.uk 5
  wheelchairs uk Google.co.uk 2
  lightweight rollator Google.co.uk 3
  Open golf events Farnham Google.co.uk 1
  Golf repairs workshop Farnham Google.co.uk 2
  Golf Clothing Farnham Google.co.uk 1
  Corporate golf Farnham Google.co.uk 2
  Golf Coaching Farnham Google.co.uk 3
  Door fittings Google.co.uk 2
  Door Bolts Google.co.uk 10
  Window Fittings Google.co.uk 5
  Cupboard knobs Google.co.uk 5
  Wear-resistant coatings Google.co.uk 5
  Thermal spraying contractors Google.co.uk 1
  Thermal barrier coatings Google.co.uk 7
  Plasma spray coatings Google.co.uk 6
  Thermal spray coatings Google.co.uk 9
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Tips on SEO for Ecommerce Sites:
So finally decided to do SEO for your e-commerce website? Good decision, needless to say. There has never been a better way to enhance your website, bring more visitors to your site and increase the conversion rates. Here are a few tips to help you in the process.
Why Is Blogging Important in SEO?
Blogs are a website management that includes a lot of facilities like comments, RSS feeds and trackbacks through content blogs that can make a website search engine friendly. The first obvious reason is of course keywords. Anyway, here is a list of benefits you’d get with a good blog as a part of your search engine optimisation.
Optimising Your Google Maps Listings:
If your business is catering to the customers who are in the same locality as you, Google Maps is the perfect way for you to get new customers. Whether your business is big or small thinking local can take you a long way ahead. Here are a few features of Google Maps listing.

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