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Pay Per Click Service
  • Are you looking for ways to make your website visible and seen on the front pages of search engine without loss of time?
  • Do you want to ensure that along with site visibility the traffic to your website and your sales should go up without spending too much on advertising?
  • Are your competitors too powerful and strong that you just don’t want to waste time and money competing against them in organic search engine optimisation?

If your answer is “yes” to all these questions, you need an efficient Pay Per Click or PPC campaign to bring your website to the front pages of the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

At The Web Clinic, PPC campaign not only means an increased exposure for your website but also increased traffic and chances of sales through efficient means of marketing your product online. Our PPC service lets you save what is most important in all business – time and money. We ensure that your website gets the due exposure it needs so that visitors come to the website and purchase from you.

Whether your website is selling products or service, our team conducts a thorough study of your market, your keywords and competitors after which we plan our strategies. In fact, the success of our PPC campaigns for different websites is largely due to the latest techniques we use in the campaigns as well as experienced professionals in online marketing, PPC and search engine optimisation. We assist you in making your campaign successful by analysing the advertising strategies of your competitors as well and thereby ensuring that your website stays ahead of the rest.

The Web Clinic focus on your targeted visitors and ensure that they spend more time in your site and find all relevant information they want to make their purchase.

We make sure that the advertising strategies that we launch for your website are successful through different means like:

  • Helping you with your keyword choice
  • Suggesting you locations for your ads to be displayed
  • Creating ads and content pages focussing on the prime keywords
  • Optimising the landing pages effectively
  • Structuring the campaign in a systematic way so that your PPC campaign is done without loss of time or money
  • Providing you the updated reports on each step we take and the progress we make
  • Giving you results that are visible and measurable
  • The Web Clinic realises that no hard work is less work when it comes to online advertising. That is why our Internet marketing specialists strive to give the necessary push that your website requires through pay per click and thus make your URL clicked many number of times by the visitors, not just once but multiple times.

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E-mail: sales@thewebclinic.co.uk
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The Web Clinic, 7 Kings Arcade, King Street, Lancaster, LA1 1LE, UK E-mail: sales@thewebclinic.co.uk
Tel: +44 01524 888880
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