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If you are running a software company and time, money and reliability are matters of consideration for you regarding a project or part of it, The Web Clinic is the right place to be in. Apart from a bid on what the whole project would cost, we provide you IT outsourcing for your company’s SEO, web design and software requirements.

Advantages of IT outsourcing from The Web Clinic:

• No need to involve the company into a long-term partnership. Once the work is done, you are on your own to move ahead.

• In The Web Clinic you are saved from reducing software development costs to keep your money as well as time under control. Our pricing is fixed before the actual work starts. You keep the key to your coffers throughout the development as the costs of each stage are linked to the reaching of predefined milestones.

• Different milestones in work are decided before the work actually starts. We send the invoice and start the next milestone only after receiving the approval of the client.

• We cater to the needs of clients from a variety of industries. Our flexible and client-centered approach helps us to deliver solutions that meet each client’s unique and specific requirements.

• We are manned by software engineers and application developers who can develop the finest bespoke software, bespoke websites and database software in various modern programming languages. We also provide a dedicated and qualified support team.

• If you need only a part of your product or project to be outsourced, we back you in that with new looks and know-how for your company.

• We provide services for your company’s internal projects with our own bespoke internal database-driven multiuser online software applications and CRM tools.

• It is of primary importance for any company to complete its software development cycle before the deadline so that it can always stay ahead of the competition by implementing and deploying the right software solutions at the right time. At The Web Clinic, you are guaranteed the timely deliverance of solutions.

• With the help from The Web Clinic, you are able to utilize a large and experienced software development team without actually bearing the expenditure of employing such a team.

Contact us for more information on how our software outsourcing services can match or replace your current search engine optimisation or bespoke software development and thereby take you to your aspired destination in business.
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Bespoke Software Development
The CAD Team or Custom Application Development team at The Web Clinic offers bespoke custom software development ecommerce solutions. Packaged applications are designed with a general set of features to be used by a broad range of users whereas bespoke software developed by our CAD team is custom built with potentially any feature you may require for your ecommerce website.

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The Web Clinic, 7 Kings Arcade, King Street, Lancaster, LA1 1LE, UK E-mail: sales@thewebclinic.co.uk
Tel: +44 01524 888880
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