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The Web Clinic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Procedure
Once we enter into a partnership with you, our first job is to study and evaluate your current position. The SEO experts at The Web Clinic will conduct a thorough diagnostic check up on your ecommerce website if you already have one. If you don’t and you need us to build you a website, we do a research in your industry and find out its market value and the performance of your competitors in the industry. We find out a list of key phrases to target for your website. After this thorough research we send you a diagnostic report detailing your current situation and what we plan to do. The next stage is the beginning of SEO. Once the website is ready we start optimising it in various major search engines. We carry out the work highlighted in the diagnostic report on a month by month basis for the next 12 months.

Our work that make up the search engine optimization are various:

  • Meta data updates
    We insert the keywords or key phrases in your website pages thereby maximizing the chances of improved ranking for your website in the major search engines.
  • Site map creation
    We create or provide you suggestions on creating a site map of your entire website and also apply a Google site map submission.
  • Code cleanup
    To ensure that your website code is read easily, we will check and if needed rectify the structure of your website. We check for broken links, bad design techniques and irrelevant page and URL naming.
  • Content creation
    The Web Clinic creates unique keyword-rich content from the content supplied by you in such a way that will make it search engine friendly and user friendly at the same time. We do a study of the content given by you, do further research on that and enhance the given to provide you a text that in easily viewed by search engines and interestedly read by prospective customers.
  • Industry Specific Directory Submission
    We will submit your website to directories of finest quality to ensure that the number of inbound links to the website is increased.
  • Search engine submission
    Through site map XML feed, we will apply required submissions of new pages to the search engines.
  • Ongoing consultancy
    Our SEO experts will keep on monitoring the performance of your website in the search engines. If found necessary, we will suggest new changes that should be made to ensure your visibility.
  • Monthly reporting
    Every month during the 12 month period of our contract with you, we will send you the details of our work. We will also be sending a key phrase ranking report explaining how well your website is performing for its keywords and key phrases in the major search engines.
  • In case we don’t have access to manage your website or it is dynamically created using a scripting language, we provide you instructions with a schedule of work for each month. We will employ one SEO expert to concentrate on your website for a fixed period of time on off-page search engine marketing and on-page optimisation.

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