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On Page SEO Services

Making the search engines find, index and rank your website for the relevant keywords require many techniques, some of them reflecting directly on the pages of the website and therefore called on page optimisation techniques and some of them done so that their effect is reflected indirectly on the website and are called off page optimisation techniques. Both these types are required to get high page rank for the website and bring the site to the visibility point of search engines and thus your potential customers.

On page SEO concentrates on the different measures required to make the website content more relevant to the search engines. The Web Clinic offers different on page SEO services that include steps to increase the user friendliness of the website and the relevance of the site for the keywords you have chosen in the eyes of all major search engines of today.

Some of our major on page techniques include but is not limited to:

  • Creation of content pages for all relevant keywords
  • Creation of title and meta description for web pages
  • Creation of keyword-rich heading tags for home and sub pages
  • Integration of keyword-rich alt tags for images
  • Integration of bookmarking icons in the website
  • Integration of popular social media icons in the website
  • Increasing the usability and accessibility of web pages
  • Improving the internal linking of the web pages
  • Introducing promotional offers in the home page of the website as and when they are announced (in case of created and managed by bShop)
  • Creation of 404 error page if required
  • Removal of duplicate content from the web pages
  • HTML validation
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