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Keyword Research

Keyword research is all about finding those customers who are already in need of a product. An effective research and analysis of the keywords related to your business would give you some valuable insights about your customers like

  • What exact product or service are they looking for?
  • What are the changing trends in the industry?
  • Which is the geographical area where you have most number of customers?
  • What other related products are your customers looking for?

Besides helping your SEO, this enables you to provide value added services to the visitors in your website.

The SEO team at The Web Clinic does an effective study of your proposed keywords to provide you necessary information you would want to enhance your online marketing. Through a thorough keyword research we make sure that the time and efforts allocated to your website are used in the most beneficial way. Also, in addition to the keywords that you provide us, we suggest keywords that could help you in bringing more customers to your website. Our keyword research helps us in optimising your website for those keywords that can bring most number of visitors to your website. Thus by finding the keywords that your potential customers are searching for, we bring you website visitors who stand a better chance of converting.

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Tips on SEO for Ecommerce Sites:
So finally decided to do SEO for your e-commerce website? Good decision, needless to say. There has never been a better way to enhance your website, bring more visitors to your site and increase the conversion rates. Here are a few tips to help you in the process.
Why Is Blogging Important in SEO?
Blogs are a website management that includes a lot of facilities like comments, RSS feeds and trackbacks through content blogs that can make a website search engine friendly. The first obvious reason is of course keywords. Anyway, here is a list of benefits you’d get with a good blog as a part of your search engine optimisation.
Optimising Your Google Maps Listings:
If your business is catering to the customers who are in the same locality as you, Google Maps is the perfect way for you to get new customers. Whether your business is big or small thinking local can take you a long way ahead. Here are a few features of Google Maps listing.

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