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Today, few people would be ignorant of the concept of Internet marketing. With the number of consumers who purchase items or services via online increasing day by day, promoting the products through online advertising or Internet marketing is also highly in the vogue. When compared to the traditional modes of marketing, Internet marketing comes with various benefits that you won’t find in any other means of advertising, lesser cost and wider scope being the 2 major ones.

At The Web Clinic, we understand the immense potential that online marketing has for a business, therefore, we utilise the best means to create a brand presence for you in the online community. We realise the magic that happens when technology joins creativity, which is what Internet marketing is all about. It is not everywhere that you could find a specialised team like ours who can design, develop, advertise and sell at one go.

As you are already aware, this wide scope of marketing through the Web benefits not just you but your competitors as well. And that is why the biggest challenge in e-marketing is survival amongst your competitors. It is not enough therefore to follow the basic methods in marketing all around the year. Besides the time tested and proven techniques, The Web Clinic employs the latest and most advanced ways in Internet marketing to bring your business before the eyes of millions of customers who search for products online.

Here are some of the techniques that we use in spreading your word online:

Social media marketing Quite recent addition to the online marketing tactics, social media marketing came into vogue following the huge popularity of social networking through websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Besides providing a huge exposure to potential customers, these websites bring you instant feedback as well. The Internet marketing experts at The Web Clinic make efficient use of these sites to establish your brand and add to its popularity.

Video sharing Promoting your products or services has never been more effective than now with various video sharing websites making their entry in the Internet world. It is almost like the television ads but here your expense is less and instead of a locality or a city watching it the whole world will see your product if you share these videos smartly. The online marketing experts at The Web Clinic would optimise your video files and share them in several video sharing websites and thus create a market for you that is relevant and effective.

Article marketing Article creation and submission has always been a useful tactic to attract the content hungry search engines who rate a website based on its on page as well as off page content. However, besides search engines, a well-written and genuine article can capture the attention of a user who might visit your website and thus purchase a product. The Web Clinic can submit articles that you provide in some of the most popular search engines and thus invite more visitors to your website. With our in house content and article writers we could also create articles for you and do the submission.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Search engine optimisation or SEO, as it is popularly known, is quite a familiar term now, especially if you are in the online business front. Whether it is products or services that you sell online, search engine optimisation makes it possible to bring your business to the computers or laptops of consumers worldwide. The SEO team at The Web Clinic ensures use of completely white hat methods to optimise your website. In our hands your website is safe and on the path to front pages of search engines.

E-mail marketing One of those methods that have been followed for quite some time now, e-mail marketing includes sending newsletters, promotional offers and discount coupons to selected customers to inform them of your latest offers and product or service launches. With its years of experience, The Web Clinic offers you e-mail marketing campaigns that ensures mails that are spam free. Our mailing method retains the loyalty of old customers and invites interest from new ones.

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