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We create emails to sell and make your pockets swell
Email marketing involves sending newsletters, discount coupons and promotional offers to selected recipients for either increasing awareness or promotion of websites and products. These emails are representations of your company which is the reason why you need to take real care while creating and sending them. With The Web Clinic, you need to have no fear of your emails being treated as SPAM. Carefully worded and excellently designed, the emails that we create bring you more and more new customers as well as compel the old customers to return for your products.

Email marketing has to be done at the right time to the right people. For example, on holidays people tend to ignore mails, especially promotional ones. Similarly, sending newsletters and promotional mails to the wrong people or wrong addresses will not only prevent you from getting new customers but also lose the existing ones. With its experience in the field for almost a decade, The Web Clinic assures you timely delivery of emails to the right people and right addresses at the right intervals.

If emails sent to prospective customers have no clear-cut call to action or is vague in the content, it can lose you a major profit. After asking the customer to get up and get the amount ready, if you have no product to sell, it loses you at least one prospective buyer. At The Web Clinic, through our mails we tell the customers what the next action should be exactly. If it is to navigate to another page or link, the path is laid down accurately and in a user friendly way.

An email that is part of a marketing campaign carries the brand name of that company. In other words, the mail is representing the company before a customer. This familiarizes your company and product name to the reader and also helps the customer know more about your business and your other ventures. Right from the preview pane to the disclaimer in the end, the mails we design reflects your brand and your corporate sign.

The Web Clinic never takes a risk with your business and that is the reason why we do repeated tests before sending anything to the customers. Whether it is the links that we provide in the newsletters or the products that we promote in them, we make sure that they give you what you want. Moreover we make sure that your newsletter looks interesting and appealing not only in our browser but in your customer’s too.

In a cost effective way, we cater to your web marketing needs with effective emails that has original content, attractive designs and relevant information.

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