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bShop V 4.0 A complete solution for SEO friendly Ecommerce Store

The Web Clinic brings you bShop v4.0, an all-purpose e-commerce solution. bShop v4.0 has various special features specially designed to increase the possibility of your website’s financial success. These include the plug and play feature that can be switched on and off based on requirements, allowing the progress of your website at your own pace.

The e-commerce solutions from The Web Clinic is all-inclusive and gives you total administrative control over the entire website content, customer registration facilities, built-in search engine marketing tools, real time credit card clearance and many other features like:

  • Fast and easy creation and deliverance of newsletters to all registered customers
  • Application facility for discounts to special customers
  • Reward schemes
  • Special offers and other promotions
  • Enquiry and purchase of products
  • Wholesale and retail sale of products
  • Offline exporting and managing of data
  • Marketplace integration with accounting softwares such as SAGE
  • Search engine optimization services
  • Security and fraud prevention
  • Shipping calculation

Technical Support

Merchants find exceptional value in the quality of bShop client support. We stand behind our e commerce software and shopping cart solutions with rapid response merchant support via phone, email and online help facilities.

Building an E-commerce Website

One of the most important elements in a good e commerce website is flexibility. Being able to develop a site that is perfectly geared to the needs of your company is what The Web Clinic excels at. Our unique flexisite is not only beautiful and functional it is easy to operate. After all, what good is a website your customer's cannot navigate and you cannot keep up-to-date?

E Commerce Clients

More than 3000 online store owners depend on bShop to manage their e commerce operation from top to bottom. The Web Clinic provides shopping carts and E commerce solutions for clients in a wide range of industries, including fancy dress costumes, sporting goods and outdoor, home and garden, herbal remedies, toys, flowers, gifts, electronics, crafts, hobbies, automotive and more.

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