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Is Your Website Converting Enough?

Most companies that offer search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing (SEM) stresses on bringing your website to the top positions or front pages of the prominent search engines. Of course, it is true that for increased rate of traffic and sales it is important that you come to these front pages so that visitors could see you and visit you. However, what these companies ignore is the fact that bringing the traffic from search engines to your website is just the preliminary step when it comes to online businesses.

We, at The Web Clinic, understand that the real aim of any marketing strategy for an online business is converting more visitors to customers and thus increase its conversion rate. Conversion rate, as you know, is the number of website visitors who proceeded to take an action that you wanted your visitors to take such as purchasing a product from your website. Conversion need not always be a purchase. It could also be submitting a query regarding a service you provide.

Convincing a visitor that what you sell is worth his or her money and time and therefore it benefits the visitor somehow to purchase from you is the real challenge, and that is what we offer to take upon on your behalf. Whether it is for a service-based website or product-based, The Web Clinic ensures a high conversion rate for your websites through effective optimisation techniques.

The experienced team of Internet marketing experts at The Web Clinic have come up with the most advanced and latest technologies in creating websites that would compel visitors to purchase from you. We realise that a website that does not fulfil the requirements of its visitors and provide them what they expect would most possibly fail to retain them or make them convert. And therefore we have created an optimisation strategy the focuses on not only bringing your website to the front pages of a search engine but also convert the visitors to customers.

Some of our effective techniques include

  • Studying the current conversion rates and market for the product or service you sell
  • Analysing the competitor websites to check how they sell
  • Locating keywords that make visitors easily convert
  • Reviewing your website loading speed, navigation, user friendliness and ease in shopping
  • Providing you tips and recommendations to improve the user experience of your website
  • Building a website that is user friendly and intuitive
  • Improve your website content to make it clear, concise, informative and relevant
  • Redesign your website to make it attractive and relevant for the visitors
  • Measuring your traffic and conversions to check the difference

Conversion rate is what makes your whole online marketing campaign meaningful and beneficial. A high rate of conversion reduces your cost of advertising and brings you closer to profitability. Whether you are selling a product or a service, if you wish your visitors to take the action that you want them to take, optimising your website for conversion is crucial. And for a reliable and cost effective service you need not look further than The Web Clinic.

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The Web Clinic, 7 Kings Arcade, King Street, Lancaster, LA1 1LE, UK E-mail: sales@thewebclinic.co.uk
Tel: +44 01524 888880
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