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What does bShop offer?

bShop services encompass everything you need to sell online. The core of bShop is the feature rich, search engine friendly, shopping cart software. The tools built into bShop will help you sell more and save time. bShop is a complete solution which includes ultra-reliable web hosting and a professional design service.

bShop also offers services to improve your web site by both gaining traffic and improving conversion rates. bShop family of services include ecommerce web design, search engine optimisation services, domain registration, and more!


What are the fees for bShop?

bShop has a flat cost per month for a minimum term of 12 months.  The fees are dependant on the package level you go for.  We offer three packages, bShop Pro, Premier and Platinum.  We charge a one off activation fee followed by a flat monthly fee.   bShop does not charge a percent of your revenue like other ecommerce solutions.


How does bShop compare to Yahoo! Merchant Solutions?

bShop has many competitive advantages over Yahoo! Merchant Solutions.

1) Price
bShop does not charge a percent of your revenues like Yahoo! Merchant Solutions does. That means that you keep more of what you make in your pocket helping you grow your business quicker.
2) Design Flexibility
bShop has a very flexible solution. We design your site. With Yahoo you are limited to the confines of the templates they provide unless you try to use their unsupported, proprietary RTML programming language.

There are many more advantages. Please call our sales department at 0870 757 4141 to speak with an ecommerce expert and discuss all the benefits of going with bShop ecommerce solution.


Can I build my new bShop site while the site at my other host stays live?

Yes! When you sign up for bShop you get your own IP address which you can work on while you keep your domain live at your existing host. Only when your bShop storefront is ready to go live will you change your DNS settings to point your domain to us.


Can I use my own domain name with bShop?

Absolutely! With bShop you can point your domain directly to our servers. You do not need to use a subdomain of bShop or any other temporary domain name placeholder.


How will potential shoppers find my site?

One common fallacy in the internet is the “If you build it, they will come” mentality. You must make plans to market your web site! bShop helps you out by having a search engine friendly shopping cart. When internet spiders pick up on your web site they will be able to be crawled and indexed by the major search engines.

The Web Clinic has additional search engine marketing services which can greatly increase your online revenues. To see more information on what bShop can do visit our Internet marketing section. 


Why is bShop search engine friendly?

The Web Clinic takes great strides to ensure the software you are using is search engine friendly to give you the best chance to get listed highly in search engines. There is a myth that dynamic pages cannot be spidered or indexed by the search engines. This couldn’t be further from the truth! What matters is how the page is created.

The Web Clinic attends numerous search engine shows each year to get the latest information on how to improve the search engine friendliness of the shopping cart software. There are many features and tools built right into bShop that help your site attain top listings!


How am I notified of a new order?

When an order is placed on your site you will receive an email with the details of the order including the shipping and billing information, and the products which were ordered. Your customer will also receive an email with the same information notifying them of the order.


After someone checks out on my store, how do I get that money?

When someone checks out of your bShop store using your online payment gateway, the money is transferred to your merchant account. Then, depending on your merchant account, you will receive the funds anywhere from 1 business day to the first payment cycle the following month. Most merchant accounts take only 1 to 3 days to transfer funds from the merchant account to your bank account.


Can I take credit cards without having a merchant account with internet payment gateway?

Yes, you can! bShop offers a solution called Self Payment Processing. With Self Payment you can set up to take credit cards manually. Then all you need to do is log into your bShop backoffice and capture that credit card information and punch it into your desktop credit card terminal.


How can customers view the status/track their orders?

bShop allows customers to enter a username and password at checkout. This mechanism then allows customers to come back to the site and log in with their username and password to view the status of their order. There are numerous default order statuses (such as New Order, In Progress, and Completed).  When the customer logs in they will see the order status next to their order. Also you can add additional information in the Notes field in the order. That way if you need to convey more information you can. Finally there is a special field for tracking number. You can use this field to enter in the tracking number information so your customer can track their order.


What will happen to my search engine listings if I switch to bShop?

Typically rankings will fluctuate when switching providers while the search engines are reindexing the pages. With good link popularity the site will be crawled very soon after the switch and the spiders will begin to index the new pages. After fluctuations the listings will typically level back and increase over the long haul due to the search engine friendliness of the bShop solution.


How does bShop calculate shipping?

You can calculate shipping rates in any combination of the below three ways.

1) Custom Shipping Table by Weight
Rather than using the actual rates from the carriers, you can use your own defined shipping rates which are determined by the overall weight of the items in the shopping cart.

2) Custom Shipping Table by Price
You can use your own defined shipping rates which are determined by the overall price of the items in the shopping cart.

3) Custom Shipping Table by Location
You can use your own defined shipping rates which are determined by the overall location  of the purchaser.


Does bShop have a Wholesale/Retail Module?

Certainly! The feature in bShop is called Corporate Account feature. Price levels are very flexible and allow you to create numerous groups of customers.


What accounting software packages does bShop work with?

bShop has the ability to integrate with any accounting software as all product and order information can be exported in a C.S.V format which is compatible with nearly all accounting software programs.


Is there a way that I can upload all of my products at once?

Yes! bShop offers an export tool of your entire product database which can then be re uploaded once you have made your changes offline.  If you have a database or Excel spreadsheet of products it can quickly be uploaded all at once into bShop.


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