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B-Shop v4.0 E commerce Solutions Explained
bShop v4.0 is the latest e-commerce solutions from The Web Clinic. An upgraded version of bShop v3.0, bShop v4.0 has all the existing features of bShop v3.0 like complete administrative control over the entire website content, customer registration facilities and real time credit card clearance plus a lot of new attractive and useful features. It has been worked on and redesigned to suit your specific needs. bShop v4.0 conforms to the Google Web Master guidelines providing you assurance of easy and fast visibility in Google.

What is new in v4.0?

  • Group concept for categories and Shops by brands
  • Multicurrency options and multimode of payment
  • Improved Image gallery
  • Turn off/on options for features
  • Cost per click and fraud check
  • Seasonal changes in theme
  • Captions editing in various sections of the site
  • More options for inbuilt SELF SEO

Apart from these features, bShop v4.0 enables you to do a lot of chores that can make your business larger, job easier and finally, life simpler.

With v4.0 you can:

  • Assign custom SEO title tags to all pages and categories
  • Integrate Webmaster tools
  • Arrange your categories anywhere in the web page according to your preference
  • Provide different headers for all the web pages of your website
  • Categorize your customers into various classes
  • Program automatic newsletter alerts and other notifications
  • Customize different types of online forms

More options for managing products like stock handling, variables, downloadable products, attachments, flash-based image display, etc are also available in v4.0.

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